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Experience is the Difference

There are plenty of contractors and subcontractors out there that can help install underground piping and wiring, but only one serving the Summerville, South Carolina area has the expertise, experience and properly trained staff to handle all projects with the utmost skill and knowledge. That company is Marco Industrial Inc..

Marco Industrial Inc. offers horizontal directional drilling (or HDD), directional boring, and the placement of trenchless utilities to the Lowcountry area around Summerville, all counties of South Carolina, eastern South Carolina, and western South Carolina. We do our job with the utmost  caution and ensure that our clients are comfortable with how we go about our important duties.  

Our mission statement is simple, but powerful: “We strive to advance the field of trenchless technology through science and engineering.”

Additionally, we provide installation of pipes for water, sewer, and gas, as well as electric and communications wiring.

Marco Industrial Inc. makes sure utility contractors are well aware of our credentials and certifications. We have a Licensed Professional Engineer on staff, have extensive OSHA and trench training, and our president belongs to professional organizations, such as the North American Society of Trenchless Technology (NASTT) and American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). This allows us to always hone our craft and stay on the cutting-edge of the latest  trends and technology within our industry.

Marco Industrial Inc. is a business uniquely qualified to bid on HDD services from contractors throughout the area. We have more experience and technical expertise than our competitors and have the ability to customize the project to a contractor’s expressly drawn out needs. When  we are hired by a utility contractor,  we will respond immediately and get the job done.

Since 2001, Marco Industrial Inc. has been a leader within our industry and service area for pipeline and wire integration.  We offer quality workmanship and safety for employees, clients and the client’s property. These factors are always our top priorities. We are aware that we serve a vital need for the community and work toward excellence in each and every aspect of every job.

In the past, we have worked diligently for the utilities industry, city, municipalities and more.

Marco Industrial Inc. also believes in bringing our clients fully up to speed on every aspect of the project we have been employed for. We want you to know how we will get the job done and completed as quickly as possible while ensuring safety and quality throughout the process.

Marco Industrial Inc. has the experience, deep knowledge of our service area, and the expertise to get the job done. Additionally, we will always be willing to share our knowledge with you.

Marco Industrial Inc.

Serving the Lowcountry area around Summerville, all counties of South Carolina, eastern South Carolina, and western South Carolina

P.O. Box 1617 ZIP CODE: 29484

Summerville, SC, 29456

(843) 801-4330